Horticulture & Gardening

Gardening & Horticulture in Frederick, Montgomery, MD & Loudoun, VA

Bartz Landscaping provides gardening & horticulture services in Frederick, Montgomery, MD & Loudoun, VA. Are your plants getting the care and attention they need? There are many factors that can affect the health of your plants. From severe weather changes to insects and diseases, your plants go through a lot over the course of a year. We created our gardening and horticulture program for property owners in Frederick, Montgomery, MD & Loudoun, VA.  Our team of landscapers will keep your turf vibrant and your planting beds healthy from season to season.  We rely on our expert horticultural knowledge and years of experience serving the Maryland area to enhance and preserve your residential landscape or commercial property.  Our program is customized to you so that you can relax knowing your garden is defended against environmental risks and nurtured by a team of horticulture specialists so it can flourish. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Gardening & Plant Care Program?

Our horticulture and landscaping services not only protect your garden from insects and disease. It also means your garden is optimized to thrive all year long. Below we have featured some benefits of our gardening program.  

Protect your plants from insects

There are many insects and pests in Maryland that can cause disease and destroy your plants. Bugs like webworm moths and aphids breed rapidly, are hard to spot, and can destroy new plants. Our gardening, horticulture, and plant care services prevent these bugs from having the chance to stick around long enough to become a problem. 

Improve your Landscaping 

The fertilization treatments on this program are selected to promote lush, healthy landscaping. Our gardening services will fully support the overall aesthetic of your landscape. 

Helps your lawn resist disease

If your lawn or plant beds have been ravaged by disease, you may notice a portion of your plants, grass or shrubbery die all at once. A healthy, cared-for lawn is resistant to disease.

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